Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Creating a good system to report medical errors Thesis

Creating a good system to report medical errors - Thesis Example The best solution of the problem is to have comprehensive approach for different aspects of reporting of medical errors and related adverse episodes. The culture of reporting medical errors should be inculcated at all levels including hospitals, clinics, outpatient surgery centers, nursing homes, pharmacies and patients’ home. All the issues associated with reporting should be sorted out. The reporting of medical mistakes can provide invaluable advice to improve medical systems. Building a robust database error reporting system is the step towards delivering quality healthcare. Medical error reporting system should involve both adverse events and close calls nationwide. This will held healthcare providers responsible for any mishap leading to serious injury or even death of the patient. The reporting is automatically going to reduce negligent healthcare errors. This ultimately is going to reflect healthcare system to reach at the highest standard. NYPORTS system of New York de livers information to the state and hospital by identifying, analyzing medical errors and recommends strategies to ameliorate them. IOM has reported that the analysis of errors is very informative. The analysis of deadly mishaps which land up patients to bear life time fatal disabilities might be able to figure out the patterns of system flop. IOM recommends two types of reporting systems: voluntary reporting system and mandatory reporting system. These systems will able to identify potential precursors to errors and it will eventually focus on identifying threats to safety of the patient. The data of the error records should be kept confidential to protect privacy of very individual involved in dealing with particular treatment from patient to healthcare providers. Healthcare providers should be encouraged by their organizations to report committed or observed medical errors during the course of the service to patients. Learning from the mistakes is the

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