Sunday, December 22, 2019

Analysis Of Sylvia Plath s Cinderella A Moving Reading

Cinderella a Moving Reading Believing love and romance encompass haunting uncertainty and excitement, Sylvia Plath’s poem connects my personal experiences and those depicted within a classic fairytale, I loved all my life and enjoyed hearing my parents read day after day. Having had many relationships begin with an unforgettable moment, blossom through school dances and dates with friends, and end instantaneously, I relate with how the prince feels. I too have leaned forward and kissed a date, whirled around the dance floor envisioning combined futures, and then experienced pain as my date rapidly disappears from my life. Plath’s Cinderella adaptation focuses on the moment Prince Charming and Cinderella dance right before they separate, symbolically representing my experiences and inspiring my poetry choice. During scenery description, Path brings a haunting excitement and motion within the room and readers together. Plath brings forth memories covering past and curren t loves. While reading this poem, I utilized underscoring, voice tone changes, and varying length pauses, capturing the constant movement and the progressively building excitement throughout the scene. During the first stanza, Plath utilized both visual and auditory imagery, such as the Cinderella’s description, thus setting a romantic, slow and almost haunting tone for the piece. Showcasing the romance between the girl and the prince depicted here, with some haunting overtones, I underscored the word

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