Saturday, February 1, 2020

Topic of your choice but i have a request can you send your topic Essay

Topic of your choice but i have a request can you send your topic choice by thursday a.m. I have to turn in topic thursday in c - Essay Example Excited and enthusiastic would describe my mood at the time of assessment. My first task was to test my endurance and meant that I had to run two kilometers in twenty-five minutes. Me run! My enthusiasm for fitness instantly decreased by 30% upon visualizing myself running around the block in the midday sun, dying for water and collapsing less than half way around. Nevertheless, once I realized I would be running on a treadmill I decided to give it a go. I felt quite pleased with myself to start and thought that the task would not be so difficult after all. After ten minutes however, I was not going as fast as I needed to finish the length in the allotted time, so the speed was increased. That was the end for me. I had to stop. I felt my heart was in my mouth and if I took one more step I would send it into oblivion. Strength was the next assessment area, and after composing myself from the endurance catastrophe I keenly ventured into my next venture, for after all I considered mysel f to be quite strong and able to lift a few weights. My enthusiasm instantly nose-dived by a further 50% on finding that I was not lifting weights but doing push-ups and sit-ups.

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