Thursday, February 13, 2020

Writing a journal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Writing a journal - Essay Example With this tendency I find that I am often in leaderships positions, even within the confines of group work in the classroom where a leader is not necessarily called for. This tendency can sometimes work against me as well. For example, if I am not in technically in a leadership position and I feel that the person who is in the position of being a leader is not carrying out the project to what I consider to be the appropriate levels, I tend to become pushy and domineering. Sometimes I need to force myself to back off so work can continue without the tension. In considering my assessment, I think that I should look for positions in which I am able to utilize my leadership skills. I know that it will be easier for me as I will not be clashing with people over decisions, but I also need to keep in mind that there will almost always be people overhead of me whom I have to answer to. Since this is the case, I need to learn to not clash with people with whom I disagree with. One aspect of this assessment that I had not fully considered before reading this was my tendency to be thoroughly realistic, even to the point of where I don’t generally enjoy artistic endeavors that are overly fanciful in nature. When I am approaching problems, I definitely attempt to discern the facts before figuring out how to solve problems. I generally find assertions and assumptions based solely on feelings and less than empirical data to be generally not worth any amount of time to invest

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